Wheelie Big Challenge

Wheelie Big Challenge

Can you help Stuart raise £20k for Whiz Kids?

Hi all

Stuart is doing a wheelchair push from Edinburgh to Lands End in July 14 to raise money for Whiz Kids. Stuart is able bodied. I don’t know him but this challenge really struck a chord with me for his determination and trying to do the impossible.  I think it’s an incredible challenge, and I personally think it will   be incredibly difficult to do. Complete respect to him if he completes it.


His target is to raise £20k for whiz kids. He’s abit behind on hitting this target. Any chance you can give his campaign some free advertising on your networks? We are doing a free press release on it. It would be good if this campaign goes viral.

If you have any questions please contact Stuart directly.



Posted June 9th, 2014 In Announcements

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