Why organisations should work together and how Wave-length has benefited from doing just that

Why organisations should work together and how Wave-length has benefited from doing just that

Wave-length knew that to succeed in its aim to support people both locally and nationally it had to work with smaller and larger companies. One person once coined it as ‘working with the enemy’. Organisations cannot from day one have the full capability to meet its short, medium and long term objectives but to have a plan to work with others to go further, expand capacity and be ultimately flexible to meet the needs of a changing environment.

Wave- Length is a community interest organisation. Its main goal is to help disable the word disability within the Workplace and in accessing services.  Wave-length knew at an early stage that this was a big objective and that it needed assistance from other people in order to get this goal fully achieved. It has a variety of different sponsors such as TTC Group, Shropshire Council and UnLtd.

Article written for Wave-length by James Sale

Wave-Length and the Community

Wave-Length has been working with the community since it was created. Wave-length runs Waffles. This is when Wave- Length talks to people who are affected by certain conditions, whether employers wanting to best support employees, people living with or have experienced the considition or those organisations in the community that provide support for this condition by bringing such groups together everyone gets value from listening to each other, Wave-length then captures the information/learning and shares it with individuals and companies that were not in attendance.  Wave-length benefits from gathering further intelligence about real life examples that in turn can enhance their training programme. These Waffles have helped Wave-Length expand its image of what it wants to get across to other organisations about equality and diversity. Therefore as a result has got them noticed by other businesses.

Wave- Length advertises the Waffles that it runs in order to get people to attend, they also offer them for free (often sponsored by other organisations) This has helped to spread disability awareness more effectively.

Wave-Length joining forces

Wave-Length is currently working with many organisations including  for example one organisation which, like itself, is a community business but is more focused on dyslexia. The reason why Wave-length works with other organisation is to give better training advice to people with dyslexia.  

The person who runs the other organisation is more focused in dealing with training people who have dyslexia.

 A positive point of this is that there is now a professional who deals with dyslexia on site which will keep customers happy. However a negative of this is that Wave-Length is getting less money than what it had in the first place which is a risk. But on the other hand they will have better consumer satisfaction.  

What are some of the positives and negatives of two organisations working together?

When a person starts up a business they would normally form a business to achieve a specific goal. For example one of Wave-Length’s aims is to disable disability in the workplace. But sometimes with some aims and objectives it takes more than just one company in order for it to be achieved in the correct manner.

Some business people would argue that having two different organisations working together is quite a big risk. This is because each organisation might have a different strategy on how to accomplish a task or goal. Therefore if there is too much lack of agreement on certain ideas it can create an uncomfortable atmosphere when the two business get together to generate ideas.   But both organisation can take ideas from each other and find a way to make them useful for the future.

 Culture is something that people within both organisations have to accept in order to get along decently with another. This is because a person within one organisation may have different beliefs or may have a different religion. The advantage of people believing or following another culture is that they can both learn from one another how to make their different cultures work as positives for a specific event. From Wave-Length’s point of view if there were people of different cultures within the other business then it would help Wave-length bridge the gap of diversity within a working environment which is one of its other aims and objectives.    

When planning an event, deliver a project or provide training both organisations can sometimes struggle to split the work load out evenly between each other. This can at times lead to more tasks going to one place than the other. This may course a lot of stress between two organisations.  

Sometimes it can be necessary that one organisation has more tasks to complete. This is because one of the organisations might have more background knowledge about the subject that an event is based on.  For example if Wave-Length were doing an event based on dyslexia the organisation which is now working might have more work to do due to the purpose of the business.

 Another disadvantage is that both companies can make less money which is risky considering that community businesses in particular can be quite small.

But as with Wave-Length a positive can come out of making less money such as having better consumer satisfaction which can sometimes be more important depending on an organisations’ overall goal.

Overall having two organisations working together is good for smaller businesses. This is because of the positives that it can bring such as effective communication, expanding an organisations brand image and giving a consumer a lot more satisfaction.

Wave-length welcomes the opportunity to work with others to bring valued skills and experiences together to win contracts, deliver projects and to add value to the individual

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