Why The Juntion Box – what was the inspirtation behind it?

Why The Juntion Box – what was the inspirtation behind it?

How easy is it to run a business or get real direction in your life when you have the additional challenges that a disability can bring?

I first had the idea for a series of workshops and meet ups to be hosted by Wave-length some years ago and I am now proud to have located the funding to run them.  I wanted to make it happen for several reasons one that I as a person with a disability running my own business, not easy but immensely rewarding and for me it seemed an obvious route to take but for many it is not – and yet people with disabilities are 2% more likely to take it up than those without including those with learning, physical and mental health conditions and disabilities.

The other was my background in business support when I was a Non-Exec director for Business Link I often asked about the specialised support or even mainstreamed support that might be offered to those with disabilities wanting to start up in business and then in my many years as Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses the thoughts have remained.   The final leap to make a difference came when the government announced that many people often considered as unable to work would be seen ‘fit to work’ so what about making that change more meaningful and self-directed I thought.  In fact last year we started the process with the very well attended ‘What’s Stopping You’ event run by Wave-length CIC and now we move on from it.

Thanks to the financial and support assistance of Unltd, Santander and Telford and Wrekin Council the vision is now a reality and looks sustainable for the future, we just need to now work together to get the word out across partnerships and individuals so that people locally can benefit from this additional support in getting a wider range of direction in their lives.

The Junction Box will offer varied approaches and all free to attend, from one off events, to monthly meet ups of those wanting to start their own business and one day workshops where people can work to find direction in their lives.  For more information go to http://www.wave-length.org.uk/wave-length-launches-the-junction-box/ or contact me direct at ann@wave-length.org.uk on how to keep up to-date with activity

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