Is social work training measuring up to todays needs?

Is social work training measuring up to todays needs?

By providing interactive and engaging workshops to explore greater understanding of todays social work environment we have been able not only to extend the knowledge of those attending but as a result share the solutions to challenges back to the council commissioning the work – the perfect training circle.

‘The best social care training I have been on’ is a comment that Wave-length received at last month’s training session in which we felt thankful to be given – especially when referring to a full day’s workshop – all of the positive comments came from the effort we have made in ensuring that the sessions are fresh in approach, informative and interactive. Wave-length ensure that a session is tailored to meet the needs of the attendees and funder. We believe in facilitated learning – hearing out the issues and exploring and pushing the ideas of those attending.  For change comes not from lecturing but in allowing the individual to be better informed so as to be empowered to deliver change as a result of the workshop.

Wave-length is now in its third year of providing a programme of full day workshops for those working within a social care environment in Leicestershire with each session attracting high attendance levels.  The workshops are purchased by Leicester City Council to meet its objectives of improving social care in the area.

The workshop objectives have been to help those now providing social care, in more generic teams, to understand the impact of brain and physical injury on an individual and how services can be improved to meet individual outcomes.  Whilst sessions include regulatory and legal frameworks, they also involve understanding the emotional, cultural and physical impact on those affected so that attendees begin to recognise the wider challenges, social barriers and most importantly the measures that can be put in place to overcome such issues.

The morning session was designed to look at the theory, complexities and the range of issues faced by people who have acquired brain and physical injuries. We also discussed how developing a deeper understanding the service can be adapted to meet personal needs and not simply adapting a potential generic service that may not have the desired effect.  We include case studies that show the way that brain and physical injuries change lives, futures and even the way people thought they saw and understood the world they lived in.

The afternoon involved examining the way services can be improved – often in a budget constrained environment; we explore the thinking, approaches and understanding of wider issues, challenges and opportunities in a more hands on approach, we do this through group work in discussing barriers and how to overcome challenges, bringing in guest facilitators and by understanding their own life challenges they can begin to understand that of others.

The learning is designed to stretch the attendees thinking by creating a space that enables them to stop and think about how they might respond in such a situation, how the individual might feel at the time and to explore situations that might be foreign to us but may be accurate in certain circumstances.  Each session has helped to develop the next with attendees posing new ideas, adding further complexities to case studies and offering some simple solutions that can change the way services are provided.  Wave-length believes this is invaluable; as such understanding enables us to further improve our delivery for other clients within the social care sector.

We design each session with a sense of realism in mind, this is achieved by introducing real case studies, encouraging the attendees to discover solutions to commonly perceived impossible delivery challenges and where we can, by including facilitators and guest presenters who live with physical or brain injury.  Wave-length believes that these elements lead to positive feedback we receive, previously mentioned “This is the best social care training I have been on.”

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