Working With Wave-length

Working With Wave-length

Delphine aged 15 undertook her year 10 work experience in the Wave-length Offices

I have been working with Wave-Length for part of my Work Experience this week. I am a year 10 student in a Mainstream Secondary School. I use a wheelchair to help me travel around, I mainly use it for long distances and long periods of time when I have to move up and down.

I would like to have a career in Occupational Therapy or any job which benefits others. I felt that having a Work Experience Placement at Wave-Length would give be an insight of my goal – as their main priority is to help people. I have really enjoyed myself here. I have had the opportunity to build up on my skills; I have also gained an insight to the business.

Throughout my three days’ Work Experience I have done many research tasks which I hope will benefit Wave-Length. I have seen how research plays a big part in the business. I have seen an insight to the business. I have been able to hear about the different services they offer. I have seen how passionate the workers are and how hard they work to achieve the ultimate goal.

I feel that Wave-Length is a great business and I hope that I can do some voluntary work for them in the future. My Placement has given me a great insight an inspired me to follow my goal, and encourage other people. I hope that I can carry on contacting Wave-Length.


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