Workshop – What can I ask, say and do when an employee has a disability?

Workshop – What can I ask, say and do when an employee has a disability?

It is estimated that 1 in 5 people in the UK have a disability or health condition including learning, physical and mental health and that 78% of those people gain them in their working life so how are you managing this in your workplace?

So some of the questions as employers you might be asking yourselves:

  • How do we make sure we employ the right people for the job when you cannot ask about past medical/sickness history?
  • If someone presents themselves with a disability at interview how can I ask questions about its potential impact and support needed within the role they wish to undertake?
  • If 1 in 5 people have a disability in the UK how is it that we do not know if our staff have varying conditions? and how do we know we are giving them the right support?
  • How should we best support people already in the organisation with disabilities and health conditions so that we maximise theirs and the organisation capability?
  • How do we best support someone back into the workplace who has been off absent from work?
  • Can we dismiss someone who has a disability and unable to do their job of work? how can we avoid such a situation happening?
  • What is meant by a reasonable adjustment and what support is out there to help us as employers ?
  • How do we know we are complaint with the Equality Act 2010, current best practice including ‘positive about disabled people’?

All these and more will be addressed in this full day session by examining the questions above and including the areas below.

  • Getting disability support right in the recruitment process, how to encourage more people with disabilities to apply and/or how to help them understand that we are a supportive employer.   What processes/support can I put in place to make the recruitment process conform with legislation whilst at the same-time ensure we have the right people in place working to their full capability?
  • Understanding that whilst medical questions and asking past sickness records cannot form part of shortlisting in recruitment how we can ensure that absence from work is limited and managed?
  • How to avoid direct and indirect discrimination against people with disabilities and employees that care for them in our employment?
  • How can we encourage new and existing staff to declare their disability? how can we develop open, supportive and transparent working environments?
  • How can we avoid unnecessary absence from work, what do we need to change in the workplace to achieve this?
  • What is reasonable in respect of a reasonable adjustment and how do we manage an adjustment request that does not appear reasonable?  What support is out there for employers when purchasing equipment or providing individual support to an employee with a disability or mental health condition.
  • How do we design working practices that support everyone in the workplace including those that benefit people with mental health challenges; with learning difficulties and physical conditions?
  • How to support a manager who finds it hard to start a conversation with a member of staff who might appear to have a social or physical challenge and/or obstacle to overcome in the work place.

The one day workshops will be held in Telford Centre (venues to be confirmed) on:

  • April 6th 2016
  • June 1st  2016
  • September 7th 2016
  • November 2nd 2016

Cost for the workshop for a full-day (9.30am-4.30pm) is £70.00 per delegate.

Please note that whilst refreshment will be made available at the workshop lunch is not provided (however there will be lunch providers in the vicinity of the venue).

Why choose Wave-length to provide this essential training to employers?

  • We are a social enterprise – using our profits from training programmes to do great work in the community, helping those with social challenges seek work for themselves
  • We work with people facing a range of social challenges in the community so understand and can share real situations faced and positive initiatives shared that can improve employment practices.
  • We deliver our sessions with a balance in mind understanding both the needs of the employer and the employee – we can do this because we work with employers at ACAS West Midlands; sitting on their E&D group, supporting on areas of equality nationally within the Federation of Small Businesses and co-presenting on ACAS and Irwin Mitchells Equality road shows and national conference which are aimed at employers wanting to improve equality practices.

To book your place or to receive more information on the above workshop contact or telephone 01952 670404


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