Workshop: How to get disability support just right for your customers/visitors?

Workshop: How to get disability support just right for your customers/visitors?

What are my obligations under the law? How do I improve the experience for customers with a disability? And how can we build economic sustainability or growth by doing the right thing for customers with disabilities?

When developing policies and working practices that support the needs of customers and visitors with disabilities we should not just be thinking of the law that requires us to do it, we should stop and think about the real value to the customer and us as an organisation in ensuring that their experience and expectation of all that we do business with or come in contact with is met.    There is so many little things we can do to make a real difference and we will explore them in our one day workshop.

The one day workshops will be held in Telford Centre (venues to be confirmed) on:

  • May 18th 2016
  • July 6th 2016
  • October 5th 2016

Cost for the workshop for a full-day (9.30am-4.30pm) is £70.00 per delegate.

Please note that whilst refreshment will be made available at the workshop lunch is not provided (however there will be lunch providers in the vicinity of the venue).

This training will enable you to adopt a confident approach that will help your organisation to widen its client base, reduce the risk of litigation and provide a route to excellence in customer service.

Key training areas
Understanding current legislation and how to practically apply it in your organisation
Identify the barriers faced by people with a range of disabilities and how best to work to overcome them in your organisation
How to best anticipate, manage need and support customers with disabilities
How to improve access in an existing building, improve information and seek feedback
How to benefit as an organisation to putting accessible features and services in place
How to run an event by your organisation that will consider and work to meet the needs of those attending with a disability
The specific learning, skills and knowledge needed to best support your customer facing staff
How to respond to concerns raised by customers
Developing a pro-active approach to achieve excellence in supporting customers with disabilities in your organisation (a tool kit will be provided for you to take back into the workplace)

Why choose Wave-length to provide this essential training to employers?

  • We are a social enterprise – using our profits from training programmes to do great work in the community, helping those with social challenges seek work for themselves
  • We work with people facing a range of social challenges in the community so understand and can share real situations faced and positive initiatives shared that can improve employment practices.
  • We deliver our sessions with a balance in mind understanding both the needs of the organisations and the customer – we can do this because we work with organisations at ACAS West Midlands; sitting on their E&D group, supporting on areas of equality nationally within the Federation of Small Businesses and delivering on-site projects with a range of local and national organisations wanting to improve equality practices.

To book your place or to receive more information on the above workshop contact or telephone 01952 670404

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